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Solid Conservatory Roofs

Solid conservatory roofs are increasingly popular among homeowners, despite the fact that many might be a bit put off by the idea. As a matter of fact, this is for the simple reason that they offer excellent insulation and weather protection, so that they are the best type of material to use for insulating homes in winter and keeping them warm without having to worry about leaks or any other problems associated with less expensive construction materials like vinyl siding, which can be an issue in some properties.

Why Choose Us!

Advanced Roofing System – Storm force winds and heavy snowfall won’t damage your conservatory roof. Our roofs are designed based on local weather profiles.

Built to fit your home – Standard installations don’t exist. Whether it’s for a conservatory or an extension, every solid roof is customised to fit your structure. Choosing the right option for your home is our job as design consultants.

Versatile design – Bring light into your living space by combining solid panels with toughened glass panels. A contemporary look is created with the glazed panels that act as skylights.

A Sensible Replacement

All current window systems may be used with the solid roofing systems. This is particularly crucial if you plan to replace your conservatory roof and want confidence that the new replacement system will work with it. Regardless of your present build, we will be able to do this. As a result, you’ll have more time to choose your best alternative.

The Solid roofs will effortlessly connect with your existing system and improve the performance of your new space, regardless of the size or shape of your present conservatory. You’ll be able to experience a level of protection and comfort that is unmatched by any other conservatory roof design. When it’s not necessary, resist the urge to accept less.

Solid roof conservatories are quick and easy to convert from glass or plastic roof conservatories. Retrofitting tiled roofs to existing conservatories is possible without affecting the room’s construction. A new conservatory costs more than twice as much as a remodelled one.

Thermally Efficient

Your conservatory will gain and lose heat quickly if it has a glass or polycarbonate roof. There is a 15-fold difference in thermal efficiency between a tiled roof conservatory and a polycarbonate or clear glass roof conservatory. An energy-efficient solid roof will save you money on your energy bills over a glass or plastic roof.

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Why Should I Replace My Conservatory's Roof?

Your home will remain cosy and warm with a new strong roof. High-performing slab insulation and externally placed composite panels are advantageous for the Livinroof system. Mineral wool insulation is used to fill the inside ceiling pelmet of the vehicle, adding to your comfort and assisting in keeping you warm during colder weather. The Ultraroof uses a similar thermal technique, hence both of these solid roofs have low U-Values. To put it another way, the materials chosen for their construction will be particularly effective in preventing heat loss. Both have high-performance glass that will filter out the majority of UV radiation and enhance heat retention. Give Smart Conservatory Roof Replacement Services a call now!